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Home Inspections – Electrical Issues

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The defects listed below are ones I have commonly found in the Electrical panels of homes .


Overfusing is one of the most common electrical problems. Recently I have come across several instances of a 40 amp. breaker being used for a Dryer circuit with 10 AWG wire.  This breaker could allow more amps to pass through it than the wire or outlet could handle.

The only way to verify the problem is to take the cover off of the electrical panel and compare the wire size to the size of the breakers or fuses. I would not recommend the homeowner take off the panel cover but rather have an electrician check for any concerns.

Double Taps

Double tapping is the term used for attaching two wires to a single breaker or fus...

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Common Defects in a Home Inspection

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In a recent review of my business year end, I have taken time to analyze the most common defects in the home inspections that I’ve done for my clients.  I’ve compiled a list for review and will discuss these in greater depth over the next few months in order to help educate the current or future home owner. These items are not necessarily the highest priced items but rather items that could be found in any home.

Electrical Panel – Interior of panel has the presence of aluminum wiring, double tapping, and double lugging etc.

Basement Electrical – Often in finished or unfinished basements you will find defects related to “Do It Yourself” repairs or alterations.

Attic Insulation Levels – As energy costs have increased and energy efficiency has become more important insulation levels need to be met.


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Everest Home Inspection

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The number one question that I get asked as a professional home inspector is what can you expect from a home inspection?

  • An average sized house should take approximately 2 ½ to 3 hours to complete the inspection.
  • A computer generated report that includes all defects with photographs and explanations on home maintenance specific to the home you are buying is provided.
  • One important element that needs to be considered is to put the house inspected into “context”.  No house is perfect and part of my job is to compare this house to others of similar age, construction and features.
  • I would recommend the client attend the home inspection if at all possible. It is more productive to show a client a defect or concern rather than just describe it in a written report.  All questions will be answered, but at times I will defer the answer until l...

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