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Home Insurance 101

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So the big day has come. You’ve decided to buy a house or upgrade to a bigger house. So many questions to ask and so many people to talk to. You start by calling your mortgage broker or your bank. The good news has come back. You’ve been approved for as much or more than you need.

You take that amount and you go to your real estate agent. You sit down to go over all the things you need and want in a new home. You go over your list of negotiables and more importantly, non-negotiables. If he’s good your agent actually listens to you and probes for a few more things you might not have thought of. He’s on your side and armed with the information needed to find you the perfect house.

So you start by going to take a look at 3 (or maybe ten) houses. Each one has all the things you want. The right number of bedrooms, bathrooms, a decent back yard and that nice size shed you wanted. So technically they all fit the bill. But there’s something wrong. You just don’t see yourself living there. So you continue looking. You look at another 3 (or maybe 10) houses. Same thing. They should all fit the bill, but emotionally, nothing.

Then you find it. It’s the perfect house. Perfect number of bedrooms and bathrooms, a tranquil back yard and a huge shed. You connect with the house the minute you walk in. It’s almost like another part of the family. This is your house. You want it. You are ready to put in an offer.

Okay, stop! Here’s where I come in. On a regular basis I have clients call me. They’ve found the perfect house, signed on the dotted line and are taking possession next week. In the excitement of the moment they never thought about insurance. So I take the call and let them know I have to go out and inspect the house. Nothing too invasive, mostly just a look at the outside. Most houses I’ve looked at have been no problem. But here are some of the things to look for.

1. Structural Integrity – are there cracks in the foundation anywhere. Does the roof line look straight or is there a bit of sag to it.

2. Roof – this is probably the biggest issue I see. Are the shingles starting to curl? Can you see a big of gap between the shingles. Does the roof look worn? If there are issues with the roof we can give you up to 60 days to get it replaced. But if that wasn’t in your budget it might be tough to get it done.

3. Eavestroughs and Down Spouts – often on houses eavestroughs are missing or downspouts are disconnected. When this happens the roof water does not have a chance to get away from the house and can result in flooding in the basement. Depending on how the water came in this may not be covered by insurance.

4. Siding or Brick – are the brick and siding in good shape. Every once in a while we find houses that need all new siding or brick. Once again we’ll give 60 days, but is that enough time? Especially if it’s not in your budget.

5. Updated Wiring and Plumbing – keep an eye out for either knob and tube or aluminum wiring. Both can be potential insurance taboos. Also check for galvanized plumbing. This can be a problem too.

So remember to keep insurance in mind when you’re looking for that perfect house. While it probably won’t be an issue of you not getting the house, it may mean you have to spend money you weren’t planning on. You can even have your insurance agent go out and have a look at the house during the conditional period to maximize your protection against unforeseen costs. That way you’ll know beforehand if there are any issues.

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Ryan Gervais

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