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Ryan Gervais

Ryan Gervais - Sales Representative

A Full Time Sarnia Real Estate Agent working for you.
Ryan Gervais has brought a team approach to Sarnia real estate which has led to many satisfied clients over his career. Ryan wants his clients to know that when they hire him to protect their best interests with their real estate decision that is just one of many skills he brings to the deal.   Ryan will help buyers with every facet of the real estate transaction by arranging financing, insurance, inspections, legal advice, and can even recommend professional trades if the house needs renovations before buying or selling. This team approach has been praised by past clients as it has saved them both time and money.   Ryan’s goal is to take out all the stress and guesswork out of buying or selling a Sarnia home on the Sarnia MLS. He does this by methodically working through a process that is different for every customer based on their needs. Not everyone is the same and you deserve to be treated with honesty and respect throughout the entire process.   Please call 519-381-4055 or email Ryan Gervais today to represent you in your next real estate transaction.

Sarnia School Zones

By Ryan Gervais

Back to school time is here and I though I would make a post about the different school zones in Sarnia and the ones I get the most requests for.  Whenever a client is relocating I always ask about school zones as they effect resale value more than people realize.  If there is ever two houses that are right for a client I always like to error on the better school zone.

Why are Sarnia school zones important?

  • Supply and Demand:  The more that people want in a particular school zone the more buyers there are for your property when it is time to sell.  This can lead to multiple offers and has gives you the best chance at getting top dollar for your home.
  • Education:  With the invent of standardized testing we know the results and therefore can rank school zones based on these scores.  Although the score is only one indicator of a good school it gives us the most empirical evidence to go by.  With everything else being equal its always better for your child’s education to be in the better school district.

Best Sarnia Schools:

This is the question I get asked all the time.  What is the best school zone in Sarnia?  Most people ask me and want to be in Cathcart School zone because of their high EQAO test scores.  Other top schools include Errol Village, Brights Grove, and Rosedale.  The best schools for each client is always different as needs differ such as Core French, Catholic, and Christian schools.

So next time you are out looking make sure to ask the agent what school zone the house is in as there is a lot of value to be had from certain zones.

I always like advising clients of Sarnia school zones as my wife is a teacher so I follow EQAO scores and quality of teachers more than most agents.  If you are looking for an agent that puts your children’s education first please call or email me and I will find you a great house in an even better school zone!

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