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Ryan is a full time Sales Representative with Re/max and look forward to being your guide to the Sarnia Real Estate market

Insurance Claims

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Claims. It’s the reason we all have insurance and the reason we pay our premiums. Some people have had insurance for years and have never had one. Others can’t seem to stop them. Either way when it’s time to make a claim I think most of us dread calling our insurance company. Will it be covered? Will my premiums go up? Will my policy be cancelled? How much is my deductible? Even when everything about the claim goes smoothly there is still the inconvenience of the work that goes into repairing our homes. And not to mention the stress that goes with it. A great way to reduce stress is to reduce the number of things that could cause it. One way is reducing your risk of a claim. Here is a list of a few ways you can reduce your chance of a homeowners insurance claim.

  1. Have your roof checked by a professional you can trust. After a number of years of sun and harsh weathe...

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Saving Money on Home Insurance

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Most people are always looking for ways to save a few dollars. Given the current economic climate, I think it happens even more today. Did you know there are a few safe ways you could save some money on your homeowner’s insurance? While each example is not applicable to everyone, one could be useful to you. Here’s a short list of some things that may help you.

1. House Value

Is your house insured to value properly? There are a number of cases where an insurance company will put the replacement value of their client’s house well over and above the actual cost to replace the building. The thing to keep in mind is that  in the event of a total loss where the house needs to be rebuilt (e.g. a fire), the insurance company will only pay to rebuild the house you had and nothing more.

Here’s an example. Let’s say your house is insured for $500...

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Protecting your Biggest Asset

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For many of us our home will be the biggest asset we purchase. In fact we will probably end up paying more in interest on this asset than what the house is worth. We work month after month, year after year paying down the debt in the hope that one day we will be mortgage free. And hopefully for all of us, some day that will be a reality.

However, there are many things that could stop us from achieving the goal of financial freedom symbolized in being mortgage free. I remember a few years ago I was talking to a older friend about his mortgage. It may sound somewhat familiar. He'd spent 30+ years working in chemical valley. He'd gone through some ups and downs in life with work and family, but through everything he kept his head up. And at the age of 60 he paid off his mortgage. At the end of our conversation I was intrigued. Pay off your mortgage? That will happen? I don't thin...

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Home Insurance 101

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So the big day has come. You’ve decided to buy a house or upgrade to a bigger house. So many questions to ask and so many people to talk to. You start by calling your mortgage broker or your bank. The good news has come back. You’ve been approved for as much or more than you need.

You take that amount and you go to your real estate agent. You sit down to go over all the things you need and want in a new home. You go over your list of negotiables and more importantly, non-negotiables. If he’s good your agent actually listens to you and probes for a few more things you might not have thought of. He’s on your side and armed with the information needed to find you the perfect house.

So you start by going to take a look at 3 (or maybe ten) houses. Each one has all the things you want. The right number of bedrooms, bathrooms, a decent back yard and that nice size shed...

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